Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I wish I had an awesome new finished project to show, but I don't. I have a small crafty thing I'm working on that will be done soon, but alas, not today. I'll give you a hint about it, though:

(Yep, take from this vague close-up what you will.)

 Today's kind of a busy day for me, but the good news is I have the next two days off of work! Which means relaxing, sewing, and finishing my blanket (fingers crossed!). Anyway, for today, I have some links: just a few things I've been reading and obsessing over. Maybe you'll like them too.

  • This glitter shoe DIY is kind of old, but I'm still in love. I have been wanting to glitter a pair of shoes for so long... This could be an easy, fun weekend sort of project. I just need the perfect pair of shoes. 
  • Speaking of food, check out this gorgeous Texas Toast post (hey, I rhymed!) Not something I'd try out, personally, but the photos are beautiful.
  • Colette Pattern's Notes From Scandinavia: not sewing-related like their normal content, but complete eye candy nonetheless. It probably helps that I have a Swedish boyfriend, but I'm a sucker for any type of travel photo. 
  • Okay, so really everything about enJOY it is awesome, and I stalk it frequently. But! This post about homemade bacon and egg pizza looked so awesome, I had to try it myself. I changed a few things about mine, and it was delicious. Photo proof: 


  1. I NEED to make that pizza, pronto!

    1. You definitely should; it's so easy AND delicious!