Monday, July 2, 2012

Good News

So I got my letter in the mail a few days ago saying that I passed my college's Apparel Design Review! At the end of last year (my freshman year), we had to submit a ton of stuff, including garments we'd made, sewing samples, essays, and a photoshop presentation board for our professors to review. Passing this means that I can go on to higher-level classes and that I'm now an official Apparel Design major.

I'm so excited because next semester I'll be taking draping, and I'll finally learn how to make my own patterns. I have wanted to know how to create patterns for so long now, and while I can draft simple, straightforward things on my own (like this top), I can hardly wait to expand my skills. It will be awesome to no longer be limited by my inability to create patterns.

So since I know I've passed, I need to order my professional dressmaker's mannequin. It's a big investment (a little over $400!) but I need it for my college classes, and I know I'll continue to use it later in life. I can hardly wait to receive a life-sized mannequin from the UPS guy, haha.

That's about it: I've been really busy lately doing summer-y activities like going tubing at the lake and staying up really late watching movies. Here's to a great week :)

1 comment:

  1. Well done! You must be so pleased with yourself!

    And do me a favour... when you get your mannequin, have a go at spooking your boyfriend, it's pretty amusing, in a twisted way.