Friday, June 15, 2012

How do you find time to sew?

As unfortunate as it is, when my schedule starts to fill up, sewing is often the first thing that gets dropped. Even though it's one of my favorite activities, I have a hard time balancing it with non-negotiable responsibilities like work and classes (at least during the school year, I have sewing for homework!). A lot of the time, when I get home from a busy day of whatever, I just don't feel like setting up my sewing machine, plugging in the iron, and resuming progress on my current project. I just want to lay on my couch, and maybe knit or crochet something.... But certainly not sew.

I'm trying to find ways to add more sewing into my schedule, without feeling completely overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that, as much as I'd like to produce tons of garments per month, it IS summer: if I can't relax a bit now, I definitely won't have the time to later. I think I set goals for myself that are just too lofty: for example, last month I wanted to make five garments. Obviously that didn't happen, but I did sew two, make a blanket, and do tons of other small DIYs. I think learning to be happy with all the things I DO produce is important; I'm only human, after all. 

Still, though, I need to set aside a certain number of hours per week for sewing. The only way I can have more handmade pieces in my wardrobe is if I actively sit down and create them. How do you guys fit sewing in to your schedules? Does anyone else encounter the problem I have? Do you have any productivity tips?


  1. I often set aside my Sunday for sewing. I know what you mean about getting waylaid with life, but sewing is a good way for me to focus my mind and keep myself content. Some women have a half hour a day set aside to sew instead, I guess it depends on how you like to sew - fast and furious or doddering along.

  2. I completely empathise with you! I think it's particularly hard with sewing because it's not the most time efficient hobby of all time, especially with all the unpicking I usually end up having to do ;)

    My strategies for getting more sewing done are to set mini goals (like to hem a dress) before work if I'm starting a bit later in the day, this also involves getting up a bit earlier than I would usually have to of course, but I am inclined to oversleep if left to own devices anyway so it's no harm.

    I also organize and tidy my space in the evening when I'm too wiped out to concentrate on sewing but can still manage a bit of sweeping etc.. and I try to have everything project related laid out ready to go for the next day.

    Hope that helps! :) Khrystyna