Friday, June 1, 2012

Vest: Made by me, Floral Top: American Eagle, Skirt: A gift, Shoes: Target

Maybe I didn't make my handmade clothes-wearing goal lofty enough! It's a new day and I'm wearing something else I made. I think this is a trend I could really get behind. Today it's my lace applique vest; this was one of my projects for basic apparel assembly last school year, and I spiced up the otherwise-simple pattern with lace detailing. My favorite thing about applique is that it's extremely easy to do, and the possibilities for it are almost endless. Plus, I used hardly any lace yardage, but I got a really great effect on this piece.

I don't wear this vest all too often because honestly, I'm not really a vest person. I guess even I can't say no to one covered in girly lace patterns, though. I know there's a ton of other stuff in my closet that would look great with this garment, so I'll definitely try to implement it into more outfits. 

Also, I'm going to the Bon Iver concert tomorrow, and I'm BEYOND excited. The last concert I went to was Taylor Swift (haha, lame, I know; I just love her!) but that was months ago. Anyone else a Bon Iver fan? Their music is gorgeous and mellow and perfect for falling asleep or rainy days. If you've never listened to them before, might I recommend Skinny Love?


  1. This is the sweetest outfit! I've always wanted to try applique, it's on my list of things-to-do. Too many projects, not enough free days, huh?

    1. Thank you! Applique is honestly so easy; I've used the technique on a lot of progress because I can add interesting detail with such minimal effort.