Friday, October 5, 2012

Flower Hair Bobby Pins: Or Why I Wanna Dress Like a Fairy Princess

Is there anything wrong with wanting to dress like I'm straight out of a fantasy novel? Because some days, I try and do just that. I wish I had more sheer, flowing, romantic clothes in my closet for those days. And, of course, accessories covered in flowers.

Luckily, that last wish was easy to accomplish. I had a big strand of fake flowers in my room that I'd been meaning to use for a while; I just didn't know what for. After buying a new package of bobby pins, they finally had a purpose.

This was so easy to do; I just hotglued the flower to the top of the pin and waited for it to dry. The one thing I wish I could change is how much glue it took to adhere the flowers; I feel like it's kind of noticeable when I'm wearing them. They kept falling off if I used less, though, so I guess I'll live with it.

I've mostly been using these to secure up a simple bun- my go-to hair style when I'm working or just need my hair out of my face. I'd like to pin them throughout a braid, but I'm a little worried they'd fall out throughout the day. Overall, I love how they turned out, and how easy and quick it was to put them together. And I like how they've been making my outfits just a tad more fairy princess-y :)

Sorry for the blatant laptop photo.... Getting real photos in a dorm room can be a challenge.


  1. This is so sweet! And I also have wanna-dress-up-like-a-princess days, which also seem to be coinciding with my returning love for pink!

  2. Hi Christine, I am a recent graduate and the entire time I was in school I searched for blogs by design students and could never find any. I'm glad I finally found yours. its great. keep it up. I love seeing it all. do you know of any other design student blogs? either way... I'm following yours. check out mine at

    1. Thanks so much! Where did you graduate from? I don't know of any other student blogs off the top of my head, but I'm also always on the lookout!