Thursday, October 25, 2012

You Know You're a Design Student When.....

Whenever I talk to someone who doesn't know anything about my school's Apparel Design program, they sometimes get the impression that us design students don't really do anything; that we spend our time slacking off and drawing pretty pictures while the engineering/science students do the real work (aka complex math problems and the like). 

Not true at all. Okay, a little true: I do sometimes draw pretty pictures. But seriously, us Apparel Design majors (and most other artistic majors) have a unique set of problems that most math-y students will never have: we have to produce stuff. Like, real garments, on machines. That's a whole lot different than working out problems with pencil and paper.

You know you're an Apparel Design student when: 
  • You run out of pins on your sewing table, so you check the ground.
  • Your pain tolerance towards pin/needle stabs is so high, you can make yourself bleed without even noticing.
  • You have almost burnt down your dorm room by leaving your iron plugged in for hours at a time.
  • Your floor is so littered with muslin yarns that no vacuum could possibly clean it all.
  • Your textbooks have more illustrations than real text.
  • You have a specific pair of scissors for any given material (fabric, paper, threads, plastic) and if someone tries to cut the wrong thing with the wrong scissors, you will give them a lecture on the importance of scissor sharpness.
  • You spend more hours in the sewing lab than you'd care to admit, and when it closes, you go back to your room and keep sewing.
  • You've been in danger of burns, stabs, or sewn-over fingers at least 10 times over the course of any given project.
  • You have to bring approximately a hundred different sewing tools to class, and you need about three square feet of space to spread it all out in. Or else you just. Can't. Work.
  • Your professors are utterly eccentric, and several have thick foreign accents.
  • While everyone else is studying in the library, you're still slaving away at the sewing machine; you have no idea what traditional studying's like.

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  1. every single one of those explains my life! amazing. except I'm the one that forgets a good amount of my sewing supplies so i am constantly borrowing. and an additional one...
    - you have a go-to potty dance because if you leave the table for even a second it completely throws off everything!!